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The Irrigation Caddy ( IC ) device is an ethernet based irrigation control system. The system allows the user to control and schedule an irrigation system from any computer with a web browser. No special software or clients are required, just a Web Browser on a computer.


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The Irrigation Caddy ( IC ) device is an ethernet based irrigation control system.

The system allows the user to control and schedule an irrigation system from any computer with a web browser. No special software or clients are required, just a Web Browser on a computer.

Installation is simple. Connect the IC to your network using an ethernet cable, and the IC will automatically obtain a DHCP IP address from ( typically ) your DSL/Cable router. Then connect the valve wires to the IC and the IC is ready to run. Setting the schedules is also very simple.

If Ethernet is not an option, and if WiFi is available, it is possible to use a WiFi wireless adapter to connect the IrrigationCaddy to the network wirelessly.

IrrigationCaddy S1 plus WiFi

The IC can be accessed using your Web Browser from your home computer. The interface is clear and user friendly. Simply tell it what days it should water, and at what times, and the IC will save the information. The Irrigation Caddy supports "Even / Odd", "Every X Days", and "Days of the Week" scheduling. The information is kept on the IC, even if the power is turned off.

Technical Specs:

  • 9 zones + 1 master ( or 10 zones if the master is disabled )
  • 1 Ethernet Port
  • 4 Programs
  • Multiple Start Times (5 per program)
  • 1 Rain Sensor Port
  • Even / Odd, and Every X number of days programming support
  • Authentication
  • Ability to name zones
  • Calendar view
  • Improved UI ( User Interface )
  • Ability to change network settings in the UI

Supported Browsers:

  • Firefox 2.x and higher
  • Internet Explorer 7 and higher
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Other


  • 1 Irrigation Caddy (ICEthS1)
  • 1 24VAC Power Supply (US or Australian type)
  • 1 5ft Ethernet Cable
  • 1 User Manual


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Last Updated 07/20/2012

IrrigationCaddy S1 User Manual

IrrigationCaddy S1 User Manual. Installation Instructions. Usage. User Interface Description

Languages: English, Spanish, French Italian

Last Updated 12/19/2012

Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Instructs users on how to upgrade the IrrigationCaddy software.

Last Updated 7/7/2009

Firmware Upgrade Utility

Windows software client needed to upgrade the IrrigationCaddy software

Last Updated 5/7/2012

IrrigationCaddySniffer User Manual

User Manual for the IrrigationCaddySniffer. The IrrigationCaddySniffer utility is used to discover IrrigationCaddy (IC) devices on a computer network.

Last Updated 1/28/2013


IrrigationCaddySniffer Utility. The IrrigationCaddySniffer utility is used to discover IrrigationCaddy (IC) devices on a computer network.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X

Last Updated 3/25/2013

Dimensions PDF

Specific dimensions for the ICEthS1 Rev2 IrrigationCaddy

  1. Works well but with networking headaches Review by NightBrewer

    I've been using the Irritrol 12 zone system with a wireless remote which has been rock solid. No complaints but I wanted to get an "app" for my irrigation system and with a bit of research this seems to be a good solution.

    (2 stars) First about the unit. The unit itself has only connectors which when compared to Irritol are flimsy. If you want to turn on/off a zone you have to do it with software. The assembly is a bit weak. Flattening out the cable was a bit scary since I though I could crack or break the assembly. This system would get 5 stars if the assemble was stronger.

    (4 stars) The Software rocks. This little box is a web server that managed your watering system. Clear concise but I would prefer it if you could label the "Programs" and have more of them. Only 3 Programs is limiting, it's software, give me more!

    (1 star) The network set up with a LinkSys running DD WRT v2 is a horror story. I have it connected to the optional IOGear Universal Wireless Bridge and although the IOGear stays connected (BTW, nice product) the Irrigationcaddy drops out after about 20 minutes consistently. I've been playing around with WPA, WPA2, Mixed, Firewalls, and more and I still don't have this working. I'm glad they have a sniffer that allows you to see if the device on on the network but I wish they had more support for trouble shooting. I'd give it 5 stars in the box included wifi and it worked with WPA2.

    Over all I give this device 3 stars. I'm happy with it and even purchased a $4 app from the App Store to remotely water zones. The device does 10 zones if you deactivate the "Master Zone".

    I only wish this worked better on the network. (Posted on 4/29/13)

  2. Android App and Firmware Update Review by Chuck from Dallas, Texas

    A few days ago, I purchased the Adroid App to control my timer and learned I needed a new firmware update since I have owned this controller for over a year.

    I downloaded all the installation docs and the latest firmware and I had it upgraded in about 30 minutes.

    After the update, the system reverted back to a DHCP IP address so I used the extra program supplied called IrrigationCaddySniffer. Once the software found it, I changed my IP address back to a static IP.

    The docs said that I may have to retype my zone names but when I went to the screen, they were all there, I just had to make a slight change on a name for the save button to be highlighted. The timer settings for the zones will have to be re-configured.

    I can control my timer from anywhere using my own domain name from http://dyn.com/ and the free software dyn updater. I just had to make a change in my router's firewall that routes the router traffic to the Irrigation Caddy. When I am on my home network, I have to use the name or IP address.

    I am really getting lazy now because I wish that the Irrigation Caddy could be turned off if the chance of rain for the day is above a preset percentage. In Dallas, if the weather man says there is 90 -100% chance of rain in my zip code for the day, I will water in the morning and here comes the rain at noon! I am sure this will come later!

    Chuck from Dallas, Texas "Go Cowboys!"

    (Posted on 1/23/13)

  3. 3 seasons strong Review by TimA

    I actually have one of the original models - superb through 3 seasons - not a problem. We are just about to move to a new house, and now I get to buy the S1 - I can't wait! This product is sensational! (Posted on 9/12/12)

  4. Great Idea Review by N. Florida Gardner

    This is a great idea for a controller. The old Rainbird controller failed last summer while we were away on vacation. I managed to take the internal parts out and keep the box where it was already mounted in the garage. I drilled a hole in the box that was just large enough for ethernet cable. Mounted the IC in the box and connected all the valve wiring. I'm using a netgear wireless adapter mounted on top of the box. Seems to work great so far. It it is great to be able to check or set you system with your iPad as you walk around your yard. (Posted on 6/2/12)

  5. no brainer Review by Mechainca

    It arrived very promptly. Installed with no problems. Simple to figure out interface.
    Conected wirelesly with a Netgear WNCE2001 adapter. My router is 50 feet away from my controller in my basement. It connects with no issues. A built in adapter would be nice.
    My wife's friends all want one now.
    An android app would be sweet.
    Thanks! (Posted on 3/27/12)

  6. Simple, reliable, effective, and sustainable Review by Remote Australia

    I work in a remote desert region of Australia in the mining industry, and so does my wife, so ensuring watering is completed reliably is essential...we dont have anyone to check that watering is being done, and the last thing we want is to come home to a dead garden (with temperatures regularly getting to around 40C the garden wont last long.

    With a simple config on a wireless router, I can now look at the home security webcam, and if one particular area of the garden looks like it needs more water, turn it on and off as required.

    We lost about AUD$4000 of plants in just two weeks when our last irrigation controller failed while working away, very heart-breaking.

    We have this controller hooked up with wind, rain and moisture sensors to get the very best value out of every drop of rain. (Posted on 1/4/12)

  7. Great product Review by Gonzilla

    Please develop a simple iPhone client!! That is the only missing piece to an incredible solution. (Posted on 10/31/11)

  8. Great Product - can't wait for improvements! Review by Discobaydon

    An IPad app would be nice (Posted on 9/25/11)

  9. Excellent Review by Tim

    Installed two units for summer 2011. Both units ran reliably all summer with no issues. Recent FW upgrade allows easy manual running of zones. (Posted on 9/23/11)

  10. Wireless remote control... Review by DAM56

    Installed a system at my Moms' house this weekend and it all went well. She was always complaining that the old controller was a pain to change; buttons didn’t work correctly, etc. Now she can see it from any browser and tweak at her pleasure. I used an ASUS RT-12N router (extremely inexpensive) in wireless bridge mode (dd-WRT) to connect to her AirPort Router. She’s 70+ but figured out the interface in no time, and now I can monitor or change something remotely. Nice job guys! (Posted on 8/15/11)

  11. Just get it Review by Buzz

    Compared to anything else available out there? Don't even think about it. Throw Irrigation Caddy in the cart and forget messing with lame sprinkler timers ever again.

    I am sitting on my back porch right now adjusting the timers for the lawn. My hand is not in a black widow infested corner of the garage trying to figure out some arcane combination of dials and buttons while holding a flashlight in my teeth.

    Our timer has not functioned correctly for months, My wife was manually turning valves on and off to water the lawn and garden. No more.

    The calendar view is awesome because the days to water thing can be complicated. For instance I had set a zone to water M W F. But I also had accidentally checked odd. So I had one program that was only being watered one week in the month because there were not very many odd days on M W F that month. The calendar view showed me that something was messed up with the program.

    I don't know what else to say. It works great. Compared to other controllers made by "the big boys" in lawn care, I think Irrigation Caddy is a great value. I wanted a web based sprinkler controller and I think this product delivers on what you would think a web based sprinkler controller would be. You can't ask for much more than that in a product these days where many products only give you 80% of what you think it should be and then make you pay a premium for the other %20 as expensive "options".

    This is a great product. Get it.

    (Posted on 8/12/11)

  12. First glance - great product! Review by Freezer

    Just finished replacing an existing controller with the IC-S1. It took about 30 mins from installing the HW to completing the configuration. The web interface is clean and easy to understand - very high WAF ('Wife Acceptance Factor') after only a few minutes of demonstrating the functionality.
    Running the web interface from a wireless tablet gives me easy access to the configuration setting while walking my property.
    Looking forward to implementing future release of the firmware (another great advantage of a web-based product) to take advantage of enhanced functionality. (Posted on 7/12/11)

  13. Great product Review by RenovationLain

    I ordered and installed two of the S1 units at two different locations. Installation was a breeze. Took advantage of the rain sensor ports and added rain sensor to the systems at the same time. Updating firmware was very straightforward. Went ahead and updated straight to the beta version with no issues. One unit was a direct connection to the router access point and the other I used one of the Netgear WNCE2001 universal wireless adapter. Both installs went smooth and was great to walk out in the yard with my iPad and test the system. This is a product I would definitely recommend. As a contractor this unit will be something I will recommend to my clients. The two units I purchase went in my personal home and my in-laws home. (Posted on 7/10/11)

  14. Very Good Product Review by Goutam Shaw

    A product very simple to use and that's what you need. I have used it last summer and continue to use it this summer.

    The only thing I would like to see is a configuration page that allows it the user to assign static IP address instead of achieving it through the geeky way using "arp -s"

    I would strongly recommend this product. (Posted on 6/24/11)

  15. great product Review by Lou

    I bought it and installed it in 5 minutes. Very easy to program. It would be nice to have reporting to look back on actual usage. The product is well made and appears very durable. (Posted on 5/28/11)

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